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Most Common Types Of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator Cuff injuries occur for various reasons but many of us don't even realize how easy it is to cause the damage.  As we get older, normal wear and tear can begin to take its toll and thinning or fraying of the tendons can occur along with reduced blood supply. Another common reason for some Rotator Cuff injuries is simply by overuse.  Below you can see the two basic types of injuries that can occur to your Rotator Cuff along with possible causes.  It is important for you to understand how your injury happened so you can learn how to prevent it from happening again.

Impingement:   This is a very common type of Shoulder Injury for people who play baseball due to the strain that is placed on the shoulder to throw the ball.  Important to note is that it is not limited to throwing related sports. Swimming and tennis participants are also know for sustaining Rotator Cuff Injuries and other related shoulder disorders.  While we're at it, let's throw in house painters as well since they too have a high average of shoulder injuries due to the repetitive motion of rolling paint on walls. 

Whether by normal wear and tear or overuse, the wear on the area can cause the tendon to begin to rub on the bone. This is called an impingement. The impingement irritates the tendon causing it to bleed and become inflamed. Over time, the healthy tissue once inside the Rotator Cuff is replaced by scar tissue and the area becomes stiff and much more susceptible to injury.

Instability:  Although all shoulder injuries are painful, this one may be the most painful of all.  This type of injury occurs when one of the shoulder joints moves or is forced out of its normal position.  This is more commonly known as a dislocation.  The Instability type of injury is typically associated with a fall or an impact of some sort that moves the shoulder so far out of place that the tendons and ligaments give way and the joint is compromised.  This type of injury has also occurred during weight training because of poor positioning and improper form during the exercise.

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An Inside Look At Your Shoulder And Rotator Cuff


The shoulder is a joint that is made up of three main bones held together by a group of muscles, tendons and ligaments. The first of the bones is the upper bone of the arm is called the Humerus and the other two are the Clavicle or collarbone and the Scapula better known as the shoulder blade. 

 The Rotator Cuff is a group of tendons and muscles in the shoulder that keeps the Humerus in the shoulder socket. The range of motion, the lifting and twisting, the shoulder allows us to have is only possible because of the Rotator Cuff. But it is also because of the range of motion it allows that injuries or disorders can occur. This is especially true in athletes or people who work in physically demanding jobs but has been know to happen by lifting as little as a suitcase. Shoulder injuries can happen to anyone, at any time doing the most simple of tasks.


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Shoulder Injuries Don't Just Happen To Athletes...

You may think that shoulder injuries only happen to athletes or people who perform strenuous tasks at work but you are wrong. Many rotator cuff injuries happen to average people doing everyday things. The key to avoiding any type of serious injury is prevention which could not be more true for your Rotator Cuff.  Put in the work now and do your very best to avoid a serious shoulder injury.  Of course there are no guarantees you will not suffer a rotator cuff or other shoulder injury but you cannot argue that it will certainly lessen the risk.

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What You Should Know About Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries, especially rotator cuff injuries, are nothing to be taken lightly. Although it is not widely known by the general population, rotator cuff injuries are actually very common.  Those who do know of them commonly think of them as a sports related injury, but what you may not realize is that you have just as much of a chance of injuring your rotator cuff at work as you do on the athletic field of your choice.  So how do you know if you have a serious injury or not? Here are the most common symptoms associated with a rotator cuff injury.

1. Pain and Tenderness.

If you experience pain or tenderness when reaching, lifting or pulling with your arm, it's could be a sign of a more serious shoulder injury. When trying to perform simple everyday tasks like brushing your hair become difficult to do because of the pain, that's when you know you have a problem. Also, if you experience pain when you roll over onto that shoulder in bed, it could be related to a rotator cuff issue.

2. Loss of Range of Motion

Range of motion is the normal movement you can usually make with your arm. If you are unable to lift your arm over your head or have trouble reaching behind you or to your side, it's usually from some type of shoulder problem.

3. Weakness of the Shoulder

When attempting to lift, pull or push objects with an injured shoulder, you may find they feel heavier than usual or you may not even be able to perform simple tasks you could before.

4. Favoring Arm or Trying to Keep Inactive

You may not realize how much your injured shoulder is affecting your everyday life. So if you find yourself favoring or trying to use your other arm to do things, you might have a bigger problem than you realize. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you and go see a doctor.

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